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Home Learning - Week beginning Monday 13th July

Week 12 Term 3 activities

Hi everyone,

Wow! We are nearly at the end of the strangest of school years- who could have possibly guessed this would have happened back in September?!

Lots of the tasks this week are a revision of areas we have covered in Year 2 to make sure you are in a good place to start Year 3.

However, I will send a message via class dojo by Friday with suggestions of informal activities/ ideas that could be carried out during the summer to  help make sure your child start’s Year 3 in the best possible way. I think it is important that children and parents read it together.




Lesson 1- Find a quarter.   See video tutorial Lesson 4 Week 7 ( W/B 8th June)

Lesson 2 – Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes.  See video tutorial Lesson 1 Week 8 (W/B 15th June)

Lesson 3- Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes See video tutorial Lesson 2 Week 8 (W/B 15th June)

Lesson 4- Sorting 2D and 3D shapes See video tutorial Lesson 3 Week 8 (W/B 15th June)

Lesson 5- Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes.  See video tutorial Lesson 4 Week 8 (W/B 15th June)




Fantastic Mr Fox.

If you have not already done so, complete the story Fantastic Mr Fox. Here are the links to the whole story in case you still need them.

Chapters 1 – 4:

Chapters 5- 10:

Chapters 11- 14:

Chaptes 15-18:


  1. Now that you have finished the story, your final task is to write a book review of Fantastic Mr Fox.

Look at the file at the bottom of this class page called Book review. You will see there are 4 sub-headings with guidance and questions to help you write your review. It is important that you remember to:

  1. Write in full sentences with accurate punctuation
  2. Demonstrate your best handwriting.
  3. Use different sentence beginnings to engage the reader.
  4. Use the guidance and questions to help you produce a thoughtful book review.


Below are three lessons provided by BBC bitesize that will useful revision sessions- one on using contractions, one on using commas in a list and finally a revision lesson about alphabetical order.


  1.  Contractions  -   9th June
  2. Commas in lists- 10th June
  3. Alphabetical order  2nd July



  1. As in previous weeks, I would like children to go onto Oxford Reading Tree using the link below:


Select a book from their current colour band (or one above if you feel they will be comfortable with this). Read the book and complete the activities.



Revise contractions- understanding what the contraction of a word is and vice versa.

For example, if you say can not, they are able to spell the correct contraction – can’t

If you say won’t they can give the correct spelling of the full form- will not


can not- can’t           will not- won’t               have not- haven’t               she would- she’d

is not- isn’t                I will- I’ll                          could not- couldn’t             he will- he’ll




High Frequency Words and Common Exception Words

Remember to test the children on the High Frequency words lists at the bottom of this page- starting with the first 100 words. When you find between 5 and 10 they don’t know, practise them regularly until you are sure they can spell the words in their independent work. Keep adding three more that they don’t yet know, but keep practising the words they initially got wrong. When your child is ready, move onto the next 200 words list. If the high frequency words are mastered or nearly mastered begin on the Common Exception list. This is an end of Year 2 aspiration!




  1. Complete plants work- see file at the bottom of this page.


  1. Complete the revision lesson on habitats (See the link below).   In Term 2 we studied habitats so this should hopefully refresh minds.

         June 3rd Bitesize



A company called PE planning have created a range of family activities, so please feel free to dip in and out of the activities this week and through the summer. They look a great resource. Have fun.




Here is a link to a music lesson provided by Love Music Trust, who support music at Whirley and other Cheshire schools.

KS1 -

Big Sing:

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -



 Paul Klee

See the separate folder titled Paul Klee. This is an art project for the rest of the half term.




Continued from before half term.

This term the children are due to learn more about coding and simple algorithms. There is an excellent lesson on the Year 2 BBC Bitesize page to support this. I have attached the link below and would like the children to work through the lesson videos and activities.

Be aware that Activity 3 takes you to an extensive bank of activities and ideas that could be worked through over a number of weeks. Go through these activities at your own pace, maybe picking out a few your child would enjoy the most.

On the BBC Bitesize website this lesson was published on May 7th










30 minute walk each day

Participate in the Joe Wicks work out on You tube

Try one of the physical activity cards at the bottom of this page.

Watch Newsround

Practise handwriting- look at the cursive font used on the high frequency spelling lists. Each child should be writing on the line, forming each letter correctly and ensuring each letter is the correct size consistently. This is a great opportunity to develop a lovely neat style.

Continue practising timestables- 2X, 5X and 10X and their inverses (very important).

Make pairs to 20 e.g 19-1 , 15-5, 7-13                          Make pairs to 100  e.g. 55-45     67- 33

Play dominoes

Learn to tie shoe laces


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