Our Working Wall 2021-2022

Reception are loving their new working wall, it's so much fun to have an interactive display that they create, add to and develop during the week, they do all the work for the wall independently... what superstars!


During arts week our topic was RESPECT so we planted flowers and 'watched respect grow'. The children really enjoyed writing their messages of Respect on their flowers and then sticking them to the wall.




Our working wall was lots of fun this week we made baby dinosaurs to hatch out of eggs that were on the working wall. We gave them names like ..... Byrneosaurus or Byrneotops!




After reading Dinosaur's Day Out by Nick Sharratt we loved helping Dexter to choose some food and drink from the menu as he just couldn't decide! Brilliant writing Reception, Dexter was so grateful!

dino wall.jpg



Dylan's Amazing Dinosaurs adventures inspired us to write some dinosaur facts that Dylan had discovered.... we wrote our fact on a dinosaur tooth as Dylan had discovered how many teeth a T.Rex had.




We had been learning all about signs of Spring and Easter this week so we decided to make our Easter wall full of daffodils, chicks, rabbits and eggs!




For our first week back we have been thinking about Safety. We disscussed many safety issues and how and what to do in different situations, the children loved writing their safety messages to help 'nursery children' understand how to keep safe!




We had a lot of fun reading and exploring the book Pirates Love Underpants this week!  The children wrote some super pirate messages on underpants and treasure chests. 

IMG_7509 (002).JPG



This week we read 'A New Home for a Pirate' the children thought about what Jed would need in his new home on land! They each drew a picture inside their present and explained to Jed what they had bought for him. Well done everyone I bet Jed will love his gifts. 

pirate new home.JPG


We loved reading the story of Tiddler the children all helped Tiddler to find his way home by writing directions for him on arrows! I'm pretty sure he made it home with everyones help! Well done Reception!



We learned a lot about kindness and friendship this week with help from the rainbow fish. The children pretended to be sea creatures and chose something to say to the rainbow fish. Great speech bubbles everyone. 


This week we have had some new arrivals in our classroom! Yes! Our caterpillars have arrived so we have been learning all about life cycles. We have enjoyed reading some non fiction books and the children chose part of the life cycle to write about. We can't wait to watch our own caterpillars change. 


This week we read a great story called 'Spider' by Alison Steadman it was very funny and had lots of interesting facts about spiders in it too! The children pretended they were a spider and wrote their fact in a speech bubble. 


This week we have had so much fun with Alex's book that he brought into school - Flip Flap Minibeasts by Axel Scheffler. We made our own crazy minibeast, we tried to give it a name that combined both names and we labeled its features. 

flipflip.jpgflipflap wall.jpg





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