Working Wall 2022-2023

                    This year it's great starting our working wall from the beginning of the year!

We LOVED doing Pete the Cat as our first 'book of the week' the children thought he was great 'rocking in his school shoes'! For the working wall we also read Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons..... Pete was very sad on our working wall as he has no buttons at all! So the children cut out some buttons and some items for his backpack as he started his new school! Well done everyone, what a super week we have had with Pete!
pete the cat.jpg


We have loved learing about Me And My Amazing Body! The children did a super job of making their skeleton - and gave me a good giggle when some children told me theirs was dancing or doing the splits!!!  The children also worked in their groups to cut and stick their organs in their bodies they had a good go at copying the picture which showed them where their organs were inside their bodies! Everyone put their brain in their head without even checking, so I'd say it was definitely a great success!

my amazing body.jpg


This week we celebrated our differences through the book All Kinds Of People.  The children enjoyed colouring pictures of different people and choosing their skin, eye and hair colour. We talked about how lots of people dye their hair pink and purple and green, so any colour is possible in this wonderful day and age! We also read some of our diverse books about different kinds of families and children with disabilites. We talked about compassion and helping others. ♥ 

all kinds of people.jpg



This week we have been reading Alan's Big Scary Teeth by Jarvis! It was very funny! We thought about healthy foods and treat foods and the importance of cleaning and taking care of our teeth. It was confusing sometimes when we thought about 'junk foods' and so we decided it could go on the sad tooth!



This week we were thinking about some of the things we like and don't like. We talked about our similarities and differences. We chose two colours to put on the wall, two activities and two food choices!  The children had some lovely conversations and we decided it was a good job we all liked different things!

I like I don't like.jpg


We loved reading Room On The Broom this week and had lots of fun writing ingredients to go in the cauldron. The children were so happy to be trying to independently write their own word for the potion! Well done everyone for using your phonics to write..... Super Work!

photo 1.jpg


This week we read The Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley and also learned lots of facts about hedgehogs. Unfortunatly our hedgehogs on our working wall had lost their spikes! So the children kindly gave them all new spikes with their own names on and numbers to 10 to help the hedgehogs learn! 

photo 2.jpg


We read a lovely book Called The Little Acorn this week which helped us to understand the life cycle of an oak tree. The children chose a picture on the acorn, they then wrote the matching word on the acorn top, great sounding out everyone! 

photo 3.jpg


What fun we had reading Stick Man this week. The children each chose part of the story to write a word or phrase about. It was lovely to see everyone writing with increasing confidence and using our sounds wall and phonics mats to independently support their writing.

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We read so many fantastic Christmas stories this week, it was great to get us in the mood for the festivities ahead! We each coloured a Christmas tree and cut out baubles and stuck them on the tree, we then had a go at sounding out the word Christmas tree. 

photo 5.jpg


We continued to read some more lovely Christmas Stories this week. The children independently wrote their wish list to Father Christmas. It was great to see the children's stamina developing as they were able to write more than one or two words. Well Done everyone. 

photo 6.jpg

The children loved telling me all about their faboulous gifts they received off Father Christmas and other friends and family. It was lovely listening to everyone share their Christmas holiday news as well. 

IMG_9462.JPGWith our new theme of Traditional Tales, Kings Queens and Castles, we loved reading Jack and the Beanstalk this week. The children did a great job of writing a speech bubbles for the different characters. 


This week we read the Three little pigs and once again the children thought hard about what the character might say.


IMG_9560.JPGWe made new endings for the story of the gingerbread man this week! Some endings included the gingerbreadman getting into a boat to cross the river, finding a jet pack and flying across and pole vaulting over!


Our castle was being invaded on our working wall this week so we had to put in extra reinforced bricks with key words on to help it stay up!



In preparation for our end of term banquet the children coloured in a picture and wrote the name of their royal dish down for our huge royal menu!



Our new topic is Dinosaurs this half term, the children did some AMAZING sounding out for the loooooong dinosaur names. Great use of phonics!

dino names.JPG


What a brilliant story 'Dinosaur's Day Out' we had a fabulous week helping Dexter and Daisy to find their way to Delilah's house and we helped Dexter to choose his meal at the sevice station, as he couldn't decide!

dino wall.jpg


The children each discovered a dinosaur egg! They wrote the name of the mummy and daddy and the new dinosaur's name as well as where they found the egg hiding!


This week we have loved learning all about SAFETY. The children wrote about what they had learned and what they needed to remember.





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